Health care reform needed but present time wrong time

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Health care reform is a very much needed stance in this country but at the present time and the money it's going to take to rebuild health care just isn't the time to be diving into a double digit trillion dollar deficit,as we go through this economic meltdown.
We know a recovery is being seen in some small parts. We know we can recover from the economic mess the housing loans and credit crisis has drove us into but there is a time and place for everything in life and right now just isn't the right timing to be spending money that America just simply doesn't have to spend out when budgets are already stressed beyond the capabilities of which we have at the moment. The housing tax credit was a good idea and it helped jump start the housing market and in July alone there was a 10% spike in home sales over the $8,000.00 tax credit but the government the people need to walk in with both eye's faced forward and realize things need to be handled in steps and we need to get each foot firmly on the ground before we handle anymore steps ahead.
The greener car credit or cash for clunkers helped sell hundreds of thousands of cars that produce better gas mileage and it helped deplete inventories at the dealers and automobile manufacturers but now the cash for clunkers is gone there just isn't going to be the deals to keep the sales high enough to sustain a constant flow and bring back laid off workers or begin hiring again.
When the economy went severely south so did a lot of American jobs so that American Corporations could balance there budgets to keep a float. IBM sent more work to India slashing pay by a substantial rate and displacing workers. Most of American call centers have now been turned over to others in foreign countries for a fraction on the dollar we made here in America. We have to think as a country in reducing many debts that we necessarily didn't need. Money was spent excessively on things that didn't help everyone but just a few hundred thousand people.
Medical services charge a premium for service and a very high premium. Reform isn't just in the government but need to be made in the medical system and drug companies. Drug companies were sure to lobby in with the government since the government wants a health care plan of there own. So yes the drug makers are going to support the reform bill, since they plan to profit more then anyone from it all. The government or the people need to force hospitals and insurance companies to open there eye's to the people and force them to reduce pricing on services. Insurance companies are one of the main problems in the health care reform. Some insurance companies are raping the very people that put them on top where they are in profits.
I haven't seen the new health care reform bill but from what I have heard it has about 900 bills attached to the main bill. I think a poll or vote should be taken in every state on peoples issues with reform. I think we need to sit down and talk as a country and not as a politician over health care reform. Government is suppose to be the people but the people aren't getting a chance or say in what there elected political figures are pushing for them.
We have a strong system but it is now being tested and tried over and over and weakening fast over constant spending. We need to create jobs to be able to reform anything. Without jobs being created there simply just isn't a revenue to put towards any new health care bill.
Slow the spending on nonsense and start fixing some area's that are just as key to health care. Without jobs to put lives back into place there is no need to reform health care at this point in time. People with no job means people with no income to help take care of there families which extends a bigger burden on all taxpayers involved.

by Jason Sparks


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