More Positive Evidence for Health Diets

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Whatever we allow to enter our system is sure to have an effect, whether good or bad. For this reason, it is imperative that we make wise choices not only to reap the benefits but to avoid problems as well. When it comes to weight loss, this means living a healthy and active lifestyle even when it seems like we are not getting any positive results.
People have been perennially searching for the best and most effective weight loss method. There are numerous options to choose from and these continue to increase through time. The truth is that there is not one weight loss method that is sure to work for all. Every individual responds differently to a given method. However, the natural and time-tested approach which is a combination of a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise has never really been replaced by any of the non-traditional approaches which go in and out of fashion.
Non-traditional weight loss methods often promise quick results for little effort which is the reason why many people decide to choose them over the natural approach which requires serious lifestyle changes on the part of the dieter. A recent study done shows that although the natural approach may not seem like the most effective way to lose weight, it actually produces quality and permanent results and boosts overall health and wellness.

The study was conducted to find out which diet regimens worked best. Health and wellness diets were implemented and participants experienced the biggest weight loss during the first five months. Although the results were not that impressive in terms of the amount of weight and fat lost, the health and wellness benefits eventually became evident. The other weight loss diets indeed enabled the dieters to lose weight but unlike the health and wellness diets, the results were not permanent. Thus it was concluded health and wellness diets are better than other the other diets included in the study.
If you are on a health and wellness diet, do not feel discouraged about the lack of satisfying weight loss results. You will surely experience its benefits if you do not give up. In due time you will not only achieve your ideal weight which you would also be able to sustain, but you will enjoy a state of health and wellness at the same time.

   by Charles Volcolatte

Health & Beauty Tips

Saturday, 10 March 2012 2 comments

Health and beauty are of prime concerns for all people. When you are interested in enhancing your beauty and improving health, then you should unquestionably know whether its oily, normal or dry skin that you have.
Quality of life is everything that one wants from Nature. So good health keeps you happy in life and helps you to achieve a high quality of life. Health and fitness can make you strong and powerful for all of your life.
With the world advancing quickly today, you do not have to visit spa or healing centers. You can simply stay at home and follow some health and beauty recipes in your free time. This will truly help you to become beautiful and remain fit quickly and with the minimum of fuss.
Natural health and beauty tips
Regular exercise is very important to keep up both health and beauty. As you take regular walks and practice exercises you feel strong and powerful. The natural breeze can do wonders for your skin so you can feel rejuvenated in mind and body with exercise. Moreover you should try to take a balanced diet of cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of vitamin, minerals and other essential nutrients to feel refreshed and look young and beautiful.
Some essential health tips
There are some essential health tips that will make you strong and rejuvenated in mind and body:
• Always keep moving.
You should try to climb stairs, make your dog move, chase your kids, play with friends and regularly do skipping to remain fit and healthy.
• Cut fat
And avoid fatty foods like fried foods, burgers, cottage cheese, milk, mayonnaise, margarine, and sauces to remain fit.

• Quit smoking
Nicotine is very harmful for our body so avoid smoking to enjoy good health.
• Reduce stress.
Try to do meditation to feel refreshed in mind and body.

• Pollution control.
Plant some shrubs on your home or wear masks to cover your nose and mouth when you are going out, particularly if you are walking or jogging in high traffic areas.
• Avoid drinking.
Stop excessive drinking to avoid heart diseases and other health problems like liver, kidney disease and cancer.
• Spa wonders.
• Visit spas and experience massages, exercises and Yoga to remain fit. This should be as well as the above, not instead of.
Important beauty secrets
Along with your health you should also look after your beauty to become a complete individual. Take regular care of your skin so that it feels refreshed and rejuvenated after a tired day out.

Following are the top beauty secret tips for you:
• You should regularly cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and replenish your skin to make it look fresh.
• Have fresh vegetables and fruits to replenish your skin type.
• To avoid black color of your lips and in order to get soft rosy lips you should apply lemon juice or coriander leaf juice.
• To avoid skin burns use sun tan lotions and creams for escaping from unnecessary spots.
Health and beauty should be given perfect attention by all to maintain a wonderful life. You only have one life, so you should make the most of it.

by John Charles

Heart Health - Have a Heart to Heart with your man

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Many women keep well-informed about health issues and take preventative steps such as getting regular smear tests, but the men in their lives may be falling victim to a silent killer like coronary heart disease.
Many men at serious risk don't want to face up to the fact and prefer to brush the problem under the carpet, perhaps not realising what's at stake possibly their life.
Reasons why men don't always get help are unclear, but a brush with serious illness, such as a mild heart attack cam be a real knock to the 'invincible' male psych. After the initial treatment and recovery, it's easy to think the body which has let you down is now back to its normal 'perfect' self.
But once affected by Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) failing to get the treatment to help control the disease is a serious issue.
Armed with knowledge and understanding, women might help their partners see how vital it is for them to continue with treatment and to get the help that is available.
Health is a very personal issue. Trying to encourage people to look after themselves can sometimes have the opposite effect! You might find the following helpful when discussing it with your partner.
Don't try and bring up the subject when you are tired or stressed, such as when you are rushing out in the morning, or have just got home from work, or the kids are demanding attention. Choose a quiet moment, don't make your partner feel trapped by any conversation, such as when you are both in a car.
Bring up the subject gently non-threateningly, perhaps using soe of the facts from this article. Don't lecture or nag, ask your partner what they think, so it's a two-way conversation.
Be honest, explain your own fears and worries. Sometimes people are keen to do something or someone else rather than themselves, or even have that excuse to see a doctor. "I'm fine, but my wife's worried and I'd like to reassure her."
Gently try to unearth any reasons for your partner's reluctance to check his health, you may uncover fears which can be shared. Explain that acknowledging the possible need for treatment doesn't mean the worst, but will make his health better. Don't forget to say that you care, even if is seems obvious.
Support your partner in their recovery from heart disease.
Support of a spouse can make a difference to the effectiveness of any treatment for heart disease. You may also have to adopt a low fat diet, as most households find it difficult to prepare special meals for one family member. Think of it as a way of making your meals more interesting, trying new things.
Joining your partner in a programme of activity to maintain their heart health will make recovery and prevention of future events a pleasant experience for you both.
Ensuring that your spouse or partner continues to take any medicine that has been prescribed will also be a big help in preventing a recurrence of their illness.

by Family Health Guide

The hazards of health and safety management

Saturday, 25 February 2012 1 comments

The hazards of health and safety management
The health and safety regulations are very demanding and all organisations are responsible for compling with the current legislation.
Most business owners and managers take responsibility for the health and safety of their employees and consumers very seriously � giving it the highest priority.
And with an increasing number of people claiming compensation for all kinds of accidents in the workplace or on the move, they have a lot to lose if they get it wrong.
What�s the worst that can happen?
If someone has an accident resulting in serious injury or death at work, business owners and managers could:
� Have to close down their business until all health and safety management issues are addressed
� Be sued by the victim or victim�s family for substantial compensation
� Be heavily fined by the courts for breach of Health and Safety Legislation
� Be sent to prison
So if you�re a business owner or manager you must do all you can to minimise the risk of any of these things happening to you.
Get to grips with health and safety in the workplace
Make sure you have rigorous health and safety management polices and procedures in place and carry out regular audits & inspections to make sure they�re working effectively.
Carry out a comprehensive health and safety assessment and take out appropriate liability insurance to cover all areas of risk.
Create and implement a business-wide health and safety strategy, designating responsibilities and reviewing on a regular basis. The strategy should address:
� Health and safety management
Designate individuals to be responsible for health and safety in different areas of the business and workplace and ensure each is adequately trained as a health and safety specialist in their area.
Get an independent health and safety specialist to carry out audits & inspections so you can be confident you�re doing what you should to keep everyone safe.
� Health and safety legislation
Have a thorough understanding of all aspects of Health and Safety Legislation and keep up to date with changes as they occur � claiming ignorance of safety legislation won�t count if things go wrong.
� Health and safety assessment
Assessment and management of risk in the workplace is a major responsibility. If you have more than 5 employees, you must keep detailed, up-to-date records of a regular risk assessment for each area of work and workplace premises.
Remember, it is your duty to have a plan for minimising or eliminating all identified risks.
Other organisations can help, like the local Police and Fire Service who can provide expert advice about crime prevention and fire safety risk assessment.
What next?
If you have any doubts about the quality of your health and safety management, it�s vital you do something about it. There is a lot of useful information online but make sure it�s accurate and up-to-date.
Many businesses buy in consultancy for health and safety to make sure they�re getting it right.
A health and safety specialist should be a fully qualified professional with an in depth knowledge of health and safety legislation and experience of how it applies to your type of business.
They will provide independent health and safety audits & inspections to check you are conforming to safety legislation, health and safety procedures and risk assessment processes.
The message is clear - don�t take unnecessary risks when it comes to health and safety at work. It is a legal requirement that you look after the welfare of your employees.

by NJohnson

When Buying Health Health supplements

Saturday, 18 February 2012 2 comments

There are two frequent errors that a lot of folks make when they go to a wellbeing food shop and order overall health supplements. Initially, they ordinarily focus on the total price of the product. This is often thought of to be a massive mistake. Individuals have to remember that today, more affordable doesn't automatically imply superior. Superior products and solutions get more time and resources to develop, so they often value more. And our health and individuals of our households ought to not have a selling price tag on it.
2nd, they look and feel at the quantities. I have regarded plenty and plenty of men and women that assess two merchandise like this. For example, they pick up a bottle of vitamins that signifies 500mg of Vitamin C. The other bottle says only 250mg of Vitamin C. They immediately think that the former is greater. Your entire body is not going to take in all these extra milligrams anyway. A person point I would recommend to you is to cautiously read through the labels. And bear in mind what I pointed out a though in the past about these fillers and binders. If you uncover well being supplements that are complete of these more substances, or come much more affordable than typical, forget it.
Drug and Alcohol Rehab for guys
Private drug rehab plan is been voted as best favored and most successful by hundreds and thousands of men and women across the nations. It is instead a new phenomenon in the script of recovery from medication and alcohol. Guys opting for private drug rehab must make sure that they have to strike a very good harmony among rehab stay and exterior everyday life. In other words the stats exhibit that the residential private drug rehab has been much more flourishing in treating addicts and enabling them to dwell an everyday living sans any drug and alcohol. If they don`t reside in the centre for weeks or months, possibilities of gaining rid of the abusive addiction will be rather minimal, rather following to almost nothing.
When an individual visits the counselor for number of hrs in a day and then goes out to go to workplace and friends and family, it is pretty simple for him to succumb to the greed back again residence or anywhere as there is no an individual to intervene and prevent him. Inpatient program has to be opted if you are intending for total recovery. The head and body can only stop craving for the substance if it is continually monitored and regulated. When an addict is left zero cost, he will start off snorting by falsely promising himself that he won`t do the identical matter next day. Sadly tomorrow in no way arrives. Existence arrives at the finish of the dead lane.
Health and fitness Advantages Of Sunflower Oil
Do you like to indulge in very hot fried pakodas, but have been advisable by your physician not to eat oily stuff, given that of your diminishing well being? Oil has often been linked to undesirable health and fitness product prepared implementing larger quantities of oil are typically strictly prevented. This is mainly because oils are prosperous in saturated and trans fats, which are unsafe for our entire body, leading to countless necessary health conditions. Having said that, this sort of is not the case with sunflower oil. Did you know that sunflower oil is amongst the oils that guide in improving upon the overall health of an individual, instead than spoiling it? Sunflower oil gives an appropriate stability of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, making it the appropriate oil to lower the ranges of terrible cholesterol. As these kinds of, anytime there is reference to heart disorder, sunflower oil is normally proposed by wellbeing professionals. The rewards of sunflower oil are a number of and are especially channeled via its health and fitness-enhancing nutrient contents. Proceed even more to find out about the nutritional price of sunflower oil and its potential health and fitness gains. Nutritional Price Of Sunflower Oil Amount of Sunflower Oil: one cup Total Weight of Sunflower Oil: 218 g Nutrients Quantity Calories Total Calories 1927 Calories From Excess fat 1927 Fats & Fatty Acids Complete Weight 218 g Saturated Weight 19.6 g Monounsaturated Excess fat 125 g Polyunsaturated Extra fat g Complete Trans Fatty Acids .5 g Total Trans-Polyenoic Fatty Acids .5 g Total Omega-three Fatty Acids mg Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids 63056 mg Vitamins Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) 89.5 mg Vitamin K 11.eight mcg Choline .four mg Minerals Iron .one mg Nutrition Features Of Sunflower OilSunflower oil functions as an antioxidant considering the fact that it is rich in Vitamin E. This property of sunflower oil aids in neutralizing cancer-creating free radicals. in sunflower oil also prevents rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and colon cancer.The Vitamin E current in sunflower oil also functions as a moisturizer which assists the system cells to retain water within just them. This home would make sunflower oil useful in many cosmetic products and solutions as effectively.Sunflower oil, due to its great levels of oleic acid and very low saturated excessive fat, is deemed and advisable for cardiovascular positive aspects. This, in flip, results in reduced pitfalls of heart conditions. Scientific tests have confirmed the reality that an eating plan with less amount of saturated unwanted fat substituted with sunflower oil has proven cholesterol lessening features. The correct stability amongst polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids in sunflower oil lowers the cholesterol amounts in a man or woman.Sunflower oil also assists the skin to retain its moisture. It aids in providing a protective barrier, resisting any sort of infection in pre-expression infants. Reports have demonstrated that infants getting day by day skin treatment working with sunflower oil are significantly less probable to produce any skin connected infections.Sunflower oil is rich in specific phytochemicals this kind of as choline and phenolic acid, which are beneficial heart. There are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats existing in sunflower oil, along with nutritional vitamins, which helps make it a single of the healthiest oil to consume.Sunflower oil also assists in retaining the foods clean and healthier for a longer period of time of time. The oil can be put to use in extreme substantial cooking temperatures. Sunflower oil is currently being used by the foods suppliers for reducing the degree of trans-extra fat in bulk production of meals.
Caution Because of to its great subject matter of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, substantial usage of sunflower oil is probably to induce breast and prostate cancer in publish-menopausal ladies.
Receiving Different Treatment from Chiropractors
The health and fitness care trade is residence to each typical medical health doctors and what they title complementary and different practitioners, even controversial ones that elicit some questions about their claimed efficacies. One of them is the chiropractor who is just not a health care physician but is known as a chiropractic doctor.
If you are struggling some physique pains or ailments, by all will mean search evaluation out of your medical medical professional. Just hold in mind that you just don't eliminate a matter getting a second view from a single other medical doctor or solution medical practictioner. A chiropractor can also diagnose and treat from the mindset of coping with musculoskeletal method problems, mainly the spine. Chiropractors assume about spinal challenges and misalignment as adversely resulting in tons of the identified human ailments. Correcting spinal matters can complement any ongoing health-related therapy.

by Mahnaz

Therapist Focus on Your Health, Health and Fitness

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Take a gym and health related service which is very effective for you gyms is that your friendly trainer or assistant is an advice for you better results. Daily used the yoga and tips for the better fitness form the guidance of yoga guru you always fit and maintain your body Or down an energy drink, or whatever their gym this is the service for man and women. Natural way of treatment and therapist solve your problem specially that the product from the natural department always take a milk related products and fat related food which is give you proper way of natural way of treatment also take a healthy and body effective food which is use you can properly fit your body with refined sugars, milk products and other processed that have no place in an optimal diet of whole, fresh, natural foods recommended by the health care center. It is important take an advice from the experience person, and gyms are full of such nonsense, both the products and the advice.

by Justin490

Consuming Health Care - Are You Prepared?


As a culture of consumers, we are constantly bombarded by advertising on the airwaves, marketing in our social media and commercials during our commutes. This has led to a lifestyle of perpetually shopping around to find the best deal, the best product, and the best experience. However, the one arena that this occurs much less in is healthcare.
Why not be a cultured consumer of healthcare? Healthcare consists of material goods like medications and medical devices such as walkers. Healthcare consists of deals, like those distributed by insurance providers. Healthcare is ultimately an experience: how was your visit to the doctor's office? How clean was the hospital room during your stay? How did your specialist treat you? Not only is healthcare the sum of all of these things, it is also much more influential than what company provides your Internet or the latest generation of your Smartphone.
The reality of health care though, is there often is not an opportunity to shop around. When truly you need health care, you REALLY need health care; i.e. when you are having chest pains you are not going to spend a week researching which hospital has the lowest rates of nosocomial infections (hospital-acquired infections) and the best cardiology units. This is why it is so important to find all of your primary providers (like your general practitioner or your dentist) as well as emergency providers during times when you do not require their services. Some questions to ask are:
- Which general practitioners are not far from my home?
The best GP may be an hour away, but can you make it that far when you are afflicted with a high temperature & upset stomach?
- What's the best hospital in your area? How close is it? Do you know if the ambulance services take your insurance, and if so, how much will it cost you?
- What specialists like dermatologists or cardiologists could you potentially require? What is the wait time to get an appointment?
Many people are shocked to find that few general practitioners in their area are taking clients or there is a 4-6 month wait to get into see the medical professional they require. These are important facts to find out PRIOR to your emergency. When you truly are in need of help, you are more likely to make rash decisions out of desperation, which may result in dissatisfaction with services, as well as a higher bill.
So what do you do to find the market price for your medical ministrations? First off, know your benefits. What exactly does your insurance cover? Does your insurance take care of specialized visits such as gynecological exams or health screenings? Which part of your insurance covers emergency visits & hospital admittance? Do you have supplementary benefits, which can extend your coverage?
After doing research on what your insurance covers and where you can use it, get an idea of average health costs of some services you may require. Not only can you call around, there are also some great resources on the Internet. Check out Health Care Blue Book (, a free guide that estimates the cost of services in your area, similar to the guidebook for automotive purchases.
So what does a hospital stay look like if you do not have any insurance? Take for example Janet, a 74-year-old female who traveled to the United States to visit her family for the holidays. Janet had travel insurance, which would reimburse her for one emergency visit and a select number of medications during her stay in the United States. Janet had no prior health issues to list on her travel insurance, so her premiums were low and she felt comfortable with her coverage.
Unfortunately, during her trip it was discovered that she had high blood pressure Her blood pressure became so high that she had to visit the emergency room to receive immediate treatment. During her four-hour stay, she had an electrocardiogram, a CT scan, blood drawn, and a urinalysis performed. She was also given antihypertensive medications and seen by one doctor, four nurses, one care aide, one phlebotomist, taken to see the CT tech by a porter, and admitted to the hospital by a hospital administrator. The antihypertensive prescribed by the doctor and administered to her by a nurse were effective, and she was discharged home with her blood pressure at a healthy level and a prescription for anti-hypertensives.
The total of her four-hour hospital stay charged to her credit card was $700. Many people ask why is this so much? Janet was seen by more than ten people (all with varying salaries), not to mention those who cleaned Janet's room & filed her paperwork after she was discharged. Besides the physical bodies executing her care, Janet had several tests performed which required numerous supplies, machines, and software. It takes a community to effectively staff a hospital, all with different knowledge and skills. Be prepared for this cost to increase as you seek out more specialized services and practitioners.
Regardless of your medical issues (or lack of issues), it is important to be prepared, like Janet. Despite not having prior medical problems she still took out medical insurance, which ended up saving her a significant amount of money after she was reimbursed by her travel insurance company. She knew where the hospital was and a nearby pharmacy if needed. However, back in Janet's hometown, Janet did not have a general practitioner because hers had recently retired. She was not looking for a GP nor was she aware of a local walk-in clinic that she could visit, now that she no longer had a GP.
We need to start treating our bodies like our cars. We take out emergency service insurance in case we get stranded, we take our cars in for periodic tune-ups, and when a funny noise starts we go to an auto shop, which we have researched and therefore trust. I have previously discussed the importance of preventative care, but the key to really taking care of your health is BEING PREPARED. So start to create your "emergency car kit" and get acquainted with the medical services in your area - your body will thank you.

by Elais Ponton

Health care reform needed but present time wrong time

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Health care reform is a very much needed stance in this country but at the present time and the money it's going to take to rebuild health care just isn't the time to be diving into a double digit trillion dollar deficit,as we go through this economic meltdown.
We know a recovery is being seen in some small parts. We know we can recover from the economic mess the housing loans and credit crisis has drove us into but there is a time and place for everything in life and right now just isn't the right timing to be spending money that America just simply doesn't have to spend out when budgets are already stressed beyond the capabilities of which we have at the moment. The housing tax credit was a good idea and it helped jump start the housing market and in July alone there was a 10% spike in home sales over the $8,000.00 tax credit but the government the people need to walk in with both eye's faced forward and realize things need to be handled in steps and we need to get each foot firmly on the ground before we handle anymore steps ahead.
The greener car credit or cash for clunkers helped sell hundreds of thousands of cars that produce better gas mileage and it helped deplete inventories at the dealers and automobile manufacturers but now the cash for clunkers is gone there just isn't going to be the deals to keep the sales high enough to sustain a constant flow and bring back laid off workers or begin hiring again.
When the economy went severely south so did a lot of American jobs so that American Corporations could balance there budgets to keep a float. IBM sent more work to India slashing pay by a substantial rate and displacing workers. Most of American call centers have now been turned over to others in foreign countries for a fraction on the dollar we made here in America. We have to think as a country in reducing many debts that we necessarily didn't need. Money was spent excessively on things that didn't help everyone but just a few hundred thousand people.
Medical services charge a premium for service and a very high premium. Reform isn't just in the government but need to be made in the medical system and drug companies. Drug companies were sure to lobby in with the government since the government wants a health care plan of there own. So yes the drug makers are going to support the reform bill, since they plan to profit more then anyone from it all. The government or the people need to force hospitals and insurance companies to open there eye's to the people and force them to reduce pricing on services. Insurance companies are one of the main problems in the health care reform. Some insurance companies are raping the very people that put them on top where they are in profits.
I haven't seen the new health care reform bill but from what I have heard it has about 900 bills attached to the main bill. I think a poll or vote should be taken in every state on peoples issues with reform. I think we need to sit down and talk as a country and not as a politician over health care reform. Government is suppose to be the people but the people aren't getting a chance or say in what there elected political figures are pushing for them.
We have a strong system but it is now being tested and tried over and over and weakening fast over constant spending. We need to create jobs to be able to reform anything. Without jobs being created there simply just isn't a revenue to put towards any new health care bill.
Slow the spending on nonsense and start fixing some area's that are just as key to health care. Without jobs to put lives back into place there is no need to reform health care at this point in time. People with no job means people with no income to help take care of there families which extends a bigger burden on all taxpayers involved.

by Jason Sparks

Choosing The Right Alternative Health Care Products

Saturday, 28 January 2012 2 comments

A majority of individuals may now be reluctant to resort to pharmaceutical drugs as their rendered benefits often come with the package of harmful side effects. There is currently a deluge of pharmaceutical products and health supplements but the trend becoming popular nowadays is alternative health care products. Alternative health care is basically synonymous with natural and anodyne health measures, and with the way that sounds, more and more people find them appealing. After all, isn�t natural safe and effective? In fact, a large proportion of those conscientious about their health opt to take alternative health care supplements rather than conventional pharmaceutical drugs as alternative health care products are made from natural plant extracts thereby allowing better absorption and consequently, better efficiency.
Synthetic supplements, on the other hand have large amounts of chemical components and has less concentration of the main nutritional element thus, effectivity and absorption may not be obtained as quickly as the consumer would like. In fact, conventional practitioners recommend alternative health care products for those with conditions like allergies, being overweight, hypertension, diabetes and chronic digestive problems. However, it must be taken into account that dietary supplements are not well regulated in the US and consumers may find that not all alternative health care products are safe. So how would a consumer know if they are using the right product? Initially consider choosing the right form.
Alternative health care products can come in capsules, tablets, gel caps, drinkable liquids and syrups. Although more individuals prefer the tablet form, it may be a better choice to resort to liquid supplements. The solid form may not contain herbal flavoring but they are generally slower to absorb as strong binders to hold their form are within their composition. Drinkable alternative health care products on the other hand are directly absorbed and may deliver results quickly. Other than that, capsules are also a better option if they have a better absorption process. Alternative health care products are generally safe although there are those that may contain minimal amounts of plant preservatives and pesticides.
It may be sensible to buy organic herbal products. Despite being a bit more expensive, organic herbs are grown naturally and are less likely to be contaminated with chemicals making them safer and with lesser side effects if none at all. There are likewise alternative health care products manufactured with a combination of different herbs. The purpose of such is to create multivitamin products but it must be noted that not all herbs may work well together. A good look at the label before buying the alternative health care product is essential and it may be more prudent to choose single herb supplements.
Resorting to single-herb supplements can ensure a better monitoring of what goes into each dose. Finally, a consumer must be wary of purchasing alternative health care products from an unreliable source. Buying from credible and trusted sources such as the hospital or professional health care shops may be a better recourse. When acquiring the alternative health care products from drug stores or the supermarket, a careful look at the label is a must and if there be any queries, one must not hesitate to call the manufacturer or the doctor.

 by Dr. Rose Windale

Health Activists Demands New Proposal on Health Care

Saturday, 21 January 2012 0 comments

Health activists are up in arms against the Planning Commission for its proposal in the 12th Five Year Plan documents that seeks to restructure the country's health care system in a way that would effectively hand over health care to the corporate sector.
"It is particularly problematic that the Plan document to be adopted by the panel by the end of this month, invokes the concept of Universal Health Care, while it actually proposes a strategy that is far removed from the basic tenets of universal health care,'' Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, a conglomerate of rights-based health activists said here on Wednesday. The activists claimed that the Universal Health Coverage report had been "distorted and misinterpreted'' by the Planning Commission.
Taking a serious note of the issue, Srinath Reddy, chairman of the now disbanded High Level Expert Group (HLEG), set up by the Planning Commission to draw a roadmap for universal health coverage for the country has convened a meeting of the HLEG on Thursday to respond to the proposals.
At a press conference, the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan activists claimed that the Plan document recommends increase in public expenditure on health from the present one per cent to 1.58 per cent which is in sharp contrast to the HLEG recommendations of increasing the expenditure by at least 2.5 per cent of the gross domestic product. Secondly, it proposes that the Centre's share in the additional health expenditure would be less than half of what the States would contribute.
"What is of greater concern is the strategy proposed for re-structuring of the country's health system in the document that proposes a transition from the present system which is a mix of public sector service provision plus insurance, to a system of health care delivered by a managed network. There, is thus, a road map envisaged where the government would abandon its central role of providing health care and become primarily just a manager of the new system,'' Amit Sengupta of Jan Swasthya Abhiyan said.
He pointed out that the documents vision of 'universal provision of public health care' through preventive interventions which the government would be both funding and universally providing (like vaccination, neo-natal care and other non-profit services) and clinical services at different levels, defined in an essential health package, which the government would finance but not necessarily directly provide.
"This would mean that the government would over time confine itself to providing a small package services and would be primarily just a purchaser of virtually all clinical services from the corporatised private sector. The government would, thus, finance (with public money), strengthen and bolster an already resurgent corporate sector providing medical services,'' Jashodhara Dasgupta of Sahyog and member of HLEG said adding that it would also decisively halt and eventually reverse the moderate achievements of the National Rural Health Mission in expanding public health infrastructure and services.
Also, the public health system will now be asked to compete with the private sector to attract patients. A system is envisaged where each citizen family would be entitled to an essential health package in the network of their choice. Besides, public facility networks organised, private and NGO providers would also be empanelled to give a choice to the families by strengthening the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana. Whereas, the HLEG in its report had recommended against any kind of insurance as these often resulted in inferior health outcomes and high health care cost inflation.
Reacting to the draft Plan documents, Dr Reddy told The Hindu that the public sector should remain as the main provider of universal health coverage and it is necessary to strengthen the public health infrastructure from the sub-centre to district level. The private health care providers may be contracted in to supplement the services if needed through a well defined regulatory process, he added.

by Jim Con

The Importance of Home Health Care Agencies

Saturday, 14 January 2012 9 comments

If your senior parents require your full-time assistance and help, you should consider hiring home health care agencies to care for them whenever you can't be around for them. Although we want to be there for our ageing or sick parents, this may not be possible because of our demanding job schedules and other daily duties such as taking care of our own family, doing household chores, among many others. Asking the help of a home health care agency may be the best option for you and your parents who don't need to be placed in a nursing home or other facilities. Providing senior home care for them will allow them to enjoy their remaining days with their family in a familiar and comfortable environment.
With home health care agencies, you can receive many benefits allowing you to live a much easier and stress-free life. With someone providing care for your senior parents when you are not around, you have nothing to worry about. This will ensure that you have more time to relax and care for your own needs, which is almost impossible if you're the only one in-charge of caring for your parents. When you are overburdened with the responsibility of caring for your parents and for your own family, you might become unhappy and irritated and this could lead to more tensions and worries in your family. Home healthcare agencies can help by sending professionals who are trained and suited to provide all kinds of help to your senior folks, ranging from personal care services to medical services. Because they know and understand the real needs of your elderly parents, they can help in maintaining a perfect balance in your home.
There are cases wherein seniors are weakened by their feelings of solitude and loneliness due to their minimal interaction with other people. These feelings become more intense when they become sick or are bedridden. Unfortunately, when this situation is not properly addressed it might lead to severe depression and thereby lessen your parents' quality of life. Home health care agencies are aware of all these and they can send professionals who are equipped not only with proper training but also with enough experience to effectively handle the situation. By providing constant support and company to your parents, home health care professionals can help them live a better life.
Because home health care agencies will play a major role not only in the lives of your senior parents but in your whole family as well, you should take some time to consider which agency to hire. What is most important is to assure that you contact an agency that can provide appropriate care services for the care recipients. Knowing the professionals they're hiring is also an important aspect to consider when contacting home health care agencies.
The very first thing you should do is to have a list of accredited and licensed home health care agencies. This will give you the assurance that your parents would be receiving the best and the right type of home health care.
Once you already have this list, your next step is to make a shortlist based on how near they are to your home. This will allow you to personally visit and know more about them. It is important to know the agency's operation history as this will help you determine whether they are qualified to care for your folks or not.
Reference checks are very crucial. You have to make sure that the person providing care for your folks is not only licensed but also has a clean background. Hence it is important that you ask the methods employed by home health care agencies in their hiring of health professionals.
Consider the services that the home health care agency offers. You have to make sure that they offer what your senior parents require as well as whatever the doctor would prescribe to them. The agency should be able to coordinate well with the medical condition of your parents.
After choosing one particular home health care agency, set an appointment with them. This will give you the opportunity to discuss with them all the important things that you want to ask and clarify with them. Make sure the agency allows you to choose the home health care professional who will work with your senior parents.

by Peter Mangiola

Home Health Care Basics

Saturday, 7 January 2012 0 comments

Rehabilitation can be taken care of by home health care. This is something that could prove to be a viable option also among senior elders who need assistance at home. There are different ways in which this setup can be made possible and it may not always involve the presence of a care aide together with the patient.
There are different types of home health care services and it really helps to know what the patient's needs are first and foremost. You can either have a care professional live with the patient or just have them come over at specific schedules. It's not always necessary to have them live with you.
But as a whole, home health care meets the demands for skilled nursing. This may be in the form of a part-time or a specifically skilled health professional. Usually the services are just basic provision of health care needs but something more than that can also be provided and this would be in the form of therapies like physical and occupational therapy.
Care agencies also offer different types of professionals to get the job done. There are mostly care aides who can be give to you and provide some basic assisted living services. They can also be in charge of some housekeeping duties that most patients in rehabilitation or of an old age already cannot handle.
But if the patient requires a more serious or more complex type of health care assistance, the agency can also provide you with a personal nurse. Some of these nurses may only be present at a specific schedule while there are also those that can be hired to stay with you in your own home.
When there is a nurse involved or a health aide to live with the patient, the agency often coordinates this with the client first. The client is sometimes given the opportunity to actually speak with the qualified care professionals to help assess the best option among them. The client may also be given the freedom to suggest bits and pieces in the program.
You may have noticed the relevance of agencies in the home health care setup. They are actually the institutions whom you could turn to for your needs. These agencies are great because they can become the point of contact for your questions and other needs.
Because home health care is a long term thing, you should consider making this plan first with your family. You need to make sure that this is something that you can also have plenty of budget for because it would take years and not merely months.

by Jack Restinson

Home Health Care: Getting Better at Home

Sunday, 1 January 2012 0 comments

Home health care is exactly what you'd expect. If you don't like the hospital scene, can't afford it, or would just rather stay in your house, these can be achieved by choosing home health care. Other advantages include lower cost, more individual attention, and easier access to the care provider. You will feel more at ease in your own home.
Health care is, of course, supposed to help you recover form an ailment. Whether it is physical or mental, recovering in your own home can make it easier to regain your self-confidence, independence, and ability to take care of yourself again. Who wouldn't want to do that in the comfort of their own home?
Many services offered in hospitals can also be taken care of using home health care - physical, occupational, speech and nutrition therapy to name a few. Other options include patient education and regular injections. Not only are these medical jobs expected, but anyone taking care of you in your home will provide daily cleaning and cooking, as well.
You can find a plethora of companies that offer home health care. One thing to make sure is that your insurance covers this type of care; otherwise you may be surprised by a larger bill than you expected. Research the internet and any local health care agencies to find out exactly which services they offer.
What can a home health care agency staff member do for you? You can expect them to take care of general health monitoring, including meal preparation, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and checking for breathing problems. Any prescribed medicine or exercise will be under their close watch, as well. Making sure the environment is safe and comfortable is their job, too.
In order to provide the best service, be sure to describe your situation, needs, and expectations for your helper. This is called your plan of care. Your doctor should be involved in this process to help make sure the complete care is given. Plans of care will be reviewed often to ensure it is on track and remaining effective.
Ask questions often while you are receiving home health care, as well. Assess your situation and be sure you are being treated correctly. Respect and polite behavior should be expected at all times. If they are not explaining a treatment clearly to you, ask them. Check in with them about how you feel and when you think something is working.
Know more than you did before about home health care? If you need to know more, you can look up stories about those who have received this care in the past. They will give their feedback about good and bad experiences, whether or not it helped more than a hospital, and if they would recommend it to you.

by Jack Restinson