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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Health and beauty are of prime concerns for all people. When you are interested in enhancing your beauty and improving health, then you should unquestionably know whether its oily, normal or dry skin that you have.
Quality of life is everything that one wants from Nature. So good health keeps you happy in life and helps you to achieve a high quality of life. Health and fitness can make you strong and powerful for all of your life.
With the world advancing quickly today, you do not have to visit spa or healing centers. You can simply stay at home and follow some health and beauty recipes in your free time. This will truly help you to become beautiful and remain fit quickly and with the minimum of fuss.
Natural health and beauty tips
Regular exercise is very important to keep up both health and beauty. As you take regular walks and practice exercises you feel strong and powerful. The natural breeze can do wonders for your skin so you can feel rejuvenated in mind and body with exercise. Moreover you should try to take a balanced diet of cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of vitamin, minerals and other essential nutrients to feel refreshed and look young and beautiful.
Some essential health tips
There are some essential health tips that will make you strong and rejuvenated in mind and body:
• Always keep moving.
You should try to climb stairs, make your dog move, chase your kids, play with friends and regularly do skipping to remain fit and healthy.
• Cut fat
And avoid fatty foods like fried foods, burgers, cottage cheese, milk, mayonnaise, margarine, and sauces to remain fit.

• Quit smoking
Nicotine is very harmful for our body so avoid smoking to enjoy good health.
• Reduce stress.
Try to do meditation to feel refreshed in mind and body.

• Pollution control.
Plant some shrubs on your home or wear masks to cover your nose and mouth when you are going out, particularly if you are walking or jogging in high traffic areas.
• Avoid drinking.
Stop excessive drinking to avoid heart diseases and other health problems like liver, kidney disease and cancer.
• Spa wonders.
• Visit spas and experience massages, exercises and Yoga to remain fit. This should be as well as the above, not instead of.
Important beauty secrets
Along with your health you should also look after your beauty to become a complete individual. Take regular care of your skin so that it feels refreshed and rejuvenated after a tired day out.

Following are the top beauty secret tips for you:
• You should regularly cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and replenish your skin to make it look fresh.
• Have fresh vegetables and fruits to replenish your skin type.
• To avoid black color of your lips and in order to get soft rosy lips you should apply lemon juice or coriander leaf juice.
• To avoid skin burns use sun tan lotions and creams for escaping from unnecessary spots.
Health and beauty should be given perfect attention by all to maintain a wonderful life. You only have one life, so you should make the most of it.

by John Charles


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