Heart Health - Have a Heart to Heart with your man

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Many women keep well-informed about health issues and take preventative steps such as getting regular smear tests, but the men in their lives may be falling victim to a silent killer like coronary heart disease.
Many men at serious risk don't want to face up to the fact and prefer to brush the problem under the carpet, perhaps not realising what's at stake possibly their life.
Reasons why men don't always get help are unclear, but a brush with serious illness, such as a mild heart attack cam be a real knock to the 'invincible' male psych. After the initial treatment and recovery, it's easy to think the body which has let you down is now back to its normal 'perfect' self.
But once affected by Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) failing to get the treatment to help control the disease is a serious issue.
Armed with knowledge and understanding, women might help their partners see how vital it is for them to continue with treatment and to get the help that is available.
Health is a very personal issue. Trying to encourage people to look after themselves can sometimes have the opposite effect! You might find the following helpful when discussing it with your partner.
Don't try and bring up the subject when you are tired or stressed, such as when you are rushing out in the morning, or have just got home from work, or the kids are demanding attention. Choose a quiet moment, don't make your partner feel trapped by any conversation, such as when you are both in a car.
Bring up the subject gently non-threateningly, perhaps using soe of the facts from this article. Don't lecture or nag, ask your partner what they think, so it's a two-way conversation.
Be honest, explain your own fears and worries. Sometimes people are keen to do something or someone else rather than themselves, or even have that excuse to see a doctor. "I'm fine, but my wife's worried and I'd like to reassure her."
Gently try to unearth any reasons for your partner's reluctance to check his health, you may uncover fears which can be shared. Explain that acknowledging the possible need for treatment doesn't mean the worst, but will make his health better. Don't forget to say that you care, even if is seems obvious.
Support your partner in their recovery from heart disease.
Support of a spouse can make a difference to the effectiveness of any treatment for heart disease. You may also have to adopt a low fat diet, as most households find it difficult to prepare special meals for one family member. Think of it as a way of making your meals more interesting, trying new things.
Joining your partner in a programme of activity to maintain their heart health will make recovery and prevention of future events a pleasant experience for you both.
Ensuring that your spouse or partner continues to take any medicine that has been prescribed will also be a big help in preventing a recurrence of their illness.

by Family Health Guide


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